Whistler Grand Showflat

Whistler Grand ShowflatWhistler Grand Showflat is situated at West Coast Vale in District 5 of Singapore, one of the most reputable and prestigious area and is targeting to open End October 2019.

One of the greatest discussions among Singaporeans has been the increasing economy in the Western part of Singapore, as Singapore has been developing and it is in fact one of the economies in the international market that has progressed and developed over a short period of time. This coincides with how Singapore has been growing in its governance, tightening its policies for tax and having an increase in its number of startups.

3 years ago, in 2015, the government of Singapore agreed on the acquisition of the Jurong Country Club. This will be translated into the place for transportation to bridge Singapore to Kuala-Lumpur in Malysia through the high-speed rail. This is a strategic plan such that it improves the connectivity between Singapore and Malaysia, advancing the business-to-business linkages as well as people-to-people exchanges, increasing the overall business opportunities. With millions pumped into this project, the government forecast that this would potentially progress Singapore to be a huge business hub.

At the Whistler Grand Condo, it is next to a business centre filled with commercial and industrial hubs. With numerous prospering business firms starting, there are many job opportunities available for future residents of the Whistler Grand  where your work place can be at a comfortable distance from home. Residents can source employment readily and more efficiently.

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